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  • virkdv.pdf   Euler fluids, the Virasoro group, and KdV
  • cla-rw.pdf   classification of finite, semi-simple Lie algebras via \(\mathfrak{sl}(n)\) and \(\mathfrak{su}(n)\), roots/weights in particle physics
  • trdmat.pdf   tridiagonal matrices: Hamiltonians and classical orthogonal polynomials
  • clgeo1.pdf   Hamilton's principle iff Euler-Lagrange from geometry
  • nonlin.pdf   non-linear ordinary differential equations and associated dynamical systems
  • grfunc.pdf   basic introduction to Green's functions
  • tmrand.pdf   from topological and measure spaces to probability spaces and random fields

  • repthy.pdf   lecture notes on the representation theory of finite groups and Lie algebras