Antonino Travia

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I graduated in May 2021 from the University of South Florida with bachelor's degrees in mathematics and physics and currently work for the U.S. Department of the Navy. Below are references from my CV.

  • Poster & short video for USF Undergraduate Research Conference, with project entitled Two Effective Theories of Turbulence in Two Dimensions (
  • Abstract (PDF) for conference presentation talk at the Fluid Mechanics in the Spirit of G.K. Batchelor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge
  • Slides (PDF) for a talk on Characterizing time-frequency localization for electronic wave functions at APS March 2021
  • Slides (PDF) for a talk on Classical integrability & fluid mechanics given at the University of Minnesota
  • Abstract (PDF) for a talk on Yang-Mills approach to zero-vorticity sets in 2D turbulence at the 2020 Joint Math Meetings

  • Syllabus (PDF) & personal notes (PDF) for a volunteer graduate teaching assistant role in an Applied Mathematics course at USF
  • Flyer for Massachusetts Institute of Technology's 2020 Virtual Hackathon for COVID-19 (

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